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Enterprise of Competence Onshore and Offshore

Westcon Løfteteknikk AS is certified by Norsk Sertifisering AS and approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. We are certified according to quality system NS-EN ISO 9001:2015. We offer our services according to laws and regulations that are required by the government. Learn more about our certifications here.

We offer multidisciplinary work within control and certification, NDT, rope access, training, mechanical maintenance, reparation and engineering services.

Engineering Services

Our competent engineering department develops everything you need from documentation, equipment analysis, 3D-modelling and much more.

We offer engineering services within the following areas:

·      Design

·      Calculations, 3D modeling and fabrication drawings

·      3rd party verification of drawings and calculations

·      Preparation of Material Handling Plan (MHP) acc. NORSOK R-002, as well as        construction supervision of project

·      Documentations to fulfil demands in machinery directive 2006/42/ec

·      Preparation of lifting plans, work packages and ETC

·      Preparation of Documentation Packages (Technical File and LCI documentation)

·      Professional support and consultancy work according to various regulations               and the NORSOK standards (R-002, R-003 and R-005)

·      Preparation of Lifting Technical Procedures and Checklists

·      Implementation of Risk

·      Implementation of Life Analysis

Rope-Access Technology/Industrial Climbing

Industrial climbing gives you and your co-workers faster and easier access to difficult locations, so that you can complete your work safely and efficiently.

Did you know that on some projects, the use of industrial climbing has reduced costs by 80% compared to other methods such as scaffolds and lifts?

We can help you with certified multidisciplinary personnel, with high-level competence and many years of experience with rope-access technology.


The use of industrial climbing can be found in oil & gas, maritime, construction, superstructures, bridge constructions and mountain rescue:

Geotechnique: mountain rescue and landslide prevention by bolting, including investigations of relevant areas 

Inspection: visual, video, remote inspection and NDT inspections such as MPI, eddy current, penetrant, ultrasonic

Surface Treatment: sand blasting, painting, metallization, cleaning

Repair: welding, pipes, fire protection, housing, monorail beams, trusses, wind slabs, derricks

Protection Activities: landslide prevention

Control: hoist control

Fall Protection

Ensure the safety of your coworkers!

We offer rental and control of fall protection equipment for any mission, in addition to courses and proper training.

Read more about our courses here.

See our entire collection of fall protection equipment here.

Rescue and Evacuation

We develop reliable rescue and evacuation systems to your needs, so you can be sure that every requirement by your employer is met, and that every worker has a safe exit-strategy in case an accident should occur.

We offer training of all the rescue systems we develop.


Learn more about the courses we offer.


Get complete control of all control cards and certificates through our web-portal.

Always updated

In our web-portal you will find all the relevant information you need regarding equipment and installation controls.

The database gives you access to:

  • - Control Cards
  • - Certificates
  • - Maintenance
  • - Shortage Lists
  • - History

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All the information is collected directly from our control database (WIN). This ensures that the information is always up to date.

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