About Westcon Yards

Over the past decade, Westcon Yards AS has developed one of the most modern and successful shipyards in the industry.

Our yards are situated along the Norwegian coast, close to the North Sea. This allows rigs and ships the possibility of a swift return to full activity.

In close cooperation with our customers, we focus on flexibility and precision to ensure that the yard is as efficient as possible.

As our staff consists of specialised maintenance and repairs personnel, our resources may be used for a broad range of tasks within piping work, electrical work, steel work, hydraulic work and mechanical work. Together with our technical solutions, project management, planning, follow-up and high quality documentation, these services enable efficient cost control of projects within:

■ Rig repairs
■ Ship repairs
■ Ship maintenance
■ Ship building
■ Subsea /fabrication

Via our yards and facilities we offer our clients:

■ Floating docks
■ Deep-water quays for drilling rigs
■ Certified pipe bending machines
■ Cranes with high load capacities
■ The latest in mechanical equipment

See our facilities in Ølen, Karmsund, Florø and Helgeland.

Westcon Helgeland is owned 50% by Westcon Group and has been a part of the group since 2011.