Bilde av Westcon Yards


Westcon Yards in Florø is a well-established yard with a long history. We carry out repairs and maintenance of ships and rigs, as well as new builds of offshore and specialised vessels

We have a skilled and experienced workforce who covers every discipline. We have large halls and an ideal location on the coastline, and our focus areas also include building subsea and offshore steel constructions. We strive to deliver high quality services within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Covered dry dock:
Total length of dock: 200 m
Length of roof: 203 m
Length of dock under cover: 141 m
Length of prefabrication area: 62 m
Width: 40 m
Height dock pillows: 2 m
Max. draft for docking: 7 m
2 wells for Azimuth/thrusters
L6m x W10m x D3m and L6m x W6m x D3m

Quay capacity:
Outfitting quay north: L = 80 m, depth = 13 m, 125 m long including pier
Possibility to moor vessels up to 250m in size
Outfitting quay east: L = 170 m, depth = 5-8 m
ISPS port (on/off)

Crane capacity::
Indoor overhead cranes in dry dock: 2 x 220 t, 2 x 10 t
Total lifting capacity: 440 t
Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 182 t North quay/dock entrance
Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 150 t North quay/dock entrance
Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 60 t North quay
Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 44 t East quay
Outdoor swing/portal crane: 160 t / 9 m, 20 t / 85 m

Workshop halls/warehouses:
Section hall: 5105 m2
Outfitting hall: 1458 m2
Prefabrication hall for piping: 1500 m2
Machine workshop: 465 m2
Central warehouse: 1050 m2
Indoor warehouse: 2349 m2


NS-EN ISO 9001:2015
NS-EN ISO 14001-2015
NS-EN ISO 3834-2

In addition, we are Achilles certified

Achilles Approval – 04-01-19