Pipe Technology

Westcon Pipe Technology – With modern technology Westcon can offer certified prefabrication of pipe spools based on cold bending.

Dimensional-range cold bending – Major investments in unique full–electric bending technology makes it possible to use cold bending as part of certified prefabrication. The unique bending technology is dimensioned area ¾ “– 10″ (Max OD = 273mm). Bending equal to 1.5 x diamater or greater. For pipes lessthan ¾ “, and greater than 10“, we pre–fabricate spools in the traditional way.

Range of materials – Our cold bending technology is applicable for most materials. Most relevant; A106Gr-B, API5L-X52, 316L and CuNi.

Complete prefabrication line – In addition to computerized pre-calculation of gross measurements, fully automated pipe cutting technology and certified cold bending, the complete pre-fabrication line includes certified mounting/welding, certified surface treatment (cleaning, blasting, painting) and certified pressure testing. All subject to customer´s needs and requirements.

Huge advantages for our customers

Certified cold bending – huge advantages for our customers:

  • Improved over-all quality
    Westcon´s unique cold bending technology is all-electric. All forces used in the process are micro-managed and totally controlled for optimal processing. Bending processes can be repeated for identical end products. Fully automated cutting system secure unique level of accuracy on completed items.
  • Reduced cost
    Efficient cold bending in pre-fab process – less man hours needed. Increase accuracy in pre-fabrication – more efficient mounting.
  • Reduced mechanical risk
    Reduced numbers of welds – less corrosion points – less cavitation points.
  • Documentation
    Over-all Process Certificate reduces and simplify the documentation.
  • Response time
    Our own extensive pipe storage gives immediate access the most relevant materials and sizes. Efficient change of tools allows immediate response to immediate needs.
  • Flexible production in-put
    Received specs and production data might be furnished in most forms. Our system handles both manual and electronical input.




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