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Ship repairs

Westcon offer cost efficient service and swift execution, at the same time as having a competent workforce in whom you can trust.

We have gradually built our competency over the course of many decades to serve shipping companies with small and large vessels requiring maintenance, service, modifications, and class renewal surveys. Our goal at all times is to satisfy our customers and their requirements.

At Westcon, we are proud of our high-level service, our high-quality workforce, our flexibility and efficiency. We keep the time spent in dock to a minimum with the aid of modern workshop halls and equipment. But most important of all are our motivated, flexible, and competent employees.

Our four yards in Karmsund, Ølen, Florø and Helgeland make Westcon Yards one of Norway’s biggest supplier of ship repair services. Our geographical distribution means that we are never far away. We have yards and facilities for varying needs, and we are known for our ability to mobilize quickly if a project is urgent.


Westcon offer qualified personnel and equipment for inspection, service and installation offshore. Competent project managers make use of Westcon’s own integrated project management tool and project execution model to manage our projects. Westcon’s engineering capacity consist of 150 engineers. Our toolbox is efficient and we utilize accurate 3D survey and engineering applications in our engineering. Westcon is ISO 9001-certified.

Westcon has a long track record of delivering engineering services and offshore maintenance and modifications on MODU. We have extensive experience in solving various problems offshore and are able to act fast when needed. Offshore trips for surveying or problem solving is routine work for our engineers.

We perform engineering as needed and prefabricate as much as possible in our workshops onshore to reduce the installation period offshore to a minimum. For installation offshore, we use multi skilled personnel to minimize personnel onboard.

As our customer you can expect us to quickly and efficiently define the tasks together with you, that we practice transparency during the implementation phase, as well as a predictable and efficient delivery.


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