Turbo Service

Westcon Turbo has competent service engineers ready for assignments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – always ready at short notice wherever in the world it may be. You can rely on Westcon Turbo.

Westcon Turbo offers:

  • Competent service engineers for assignments, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Short-notice assignments worldwide.
  • Assignments for most types of turbo chargers. Our well established supplier network ensures quick delivery of any and all components.
  • Deliveries of new or overhauled spare parts.

25 years experience as a turbo charger workshop shows that we can take on both small and large-scale projects. With a sharp focus on budget, we always try to keep costs down via our efficient supplier network and systematic work routines.

Westcon Turbo takes on assignments for most types of turbo chargers. We can also deliver new or reconditioned spare components to our customers, or, in many cases, make a trade. Our comprehensive follow-up service enables us to give our customers a feeling of security in their daily operations.

Our excellent delivery network helps to ensure speedy delivery of all types of parts.

Turbo Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology for repairing turbo chargers.

  • Repairs of damaged shafts, turbine vanes, and nozzle rings etc.
  • Balancing of turbo charger rotors.
  • Cleaning rotor shafts with glass blowing.
  • Renewal of blades on rotor shafts.
  • Thickness measurement using ultrasound and water pressure testing of throttle bodies.


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