Westcon Group gives safety top priority. In other words, no operation comes before safety.

The company works proactively to prevent any kind of accident, injury to health, emissions to the environment, or damage to our own or other’s equipment.

We Care

Westcon has launched the campaign We Care which aims to strengthen the awareness of health, safety and environment. Within the year, the number of injuries shall be reduced by 50 percent and the long-term goal is an injury-free yard.

The campaign’s long-term goal is zero injuries at Westcon.

  1. Commitment – Our shared commitment to our work, our colleagues, our customers and to the environment.
  2. Attitude – Our attitude to proactive safety thinking, giving feedback and contributing to orderliness and tidiness.
  3. Risk evaluation – Risk evaluation of work tasks through active use of the 4 point check system.
  4. Efficiency – Using the correct equipment and competency

We Care functions as a common HSE campaign for all the companies in the Westcon group. Every year there are individual areas of focus, which in 2012 means special attention towards:

  1. The 4 point check
  2. Work at height
  3. Personal safety

Ethics and values

The guidelines include, among other things that Westcon must show respect towards every individual, and work actively to ensure a pleasant working environment that is characterised by equality and diversity. Westcon accepts no discrimination in any form against our employees or others that are involved in Westcon’s activities.

Furthermore, the ethical guidelines impose requirements regarding the employees’ honesty and integrity in connection with all matters concerning the company.

Westcon Group has the following values as a basis for its activities:

  1. Enthusiastic
  2. Innovative
  3. Honest
  4. Long-term
  5. Socially responsible/aware