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Westcon Group has a strong focus on innovative and green solutions, and we want to drive forth good solutions and lay the foundation for growth and progress in the concern. With extensive knowledge about the sector, operational understanding and closeness to the market Westcon is a part of the future solutions within offshore, energy and maritime industry.

Onshore power supply

Aerial view of Landstrøm facility

Onshore power supply at Westcon’s yards are one of our important steps for reducing global emissions and local pollution and noise, in addition to increasing the air quality. Rigs and ships can utilize onshore power supply when lying at the quay at one of our yards. This reduces the operating hours on generators which in turn reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

Globally this contributes to a significant reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and NOX and will be an important contributor in the green shift.


Inspection offshore
Inspector performing Ex inspection with Inspectio on tablet. The session will be uploaded to the Inspectio portal where the documentation will be ready for reporting. Photo: Torodd F. Ottestad.

Inspectio is Westcon’s own system developed by Westcon Power & Automation (now SEAM AS). It is a tool for completion Ex maintenance where the solution is so easy that the client can undertake inspections themselves.

With 20 years’ experience as a supplier within electrical services to rig owners, WPA (now SEAM AS) developed solutions where the electrician that performs the maintenance work in the field is connected to a maintenance system such as SAP or IFS. This secures documentation after inspection and 30-40 percent better efficiency than previous solutions.

Read more about Inspectio.

Installation of battery solutions

batteriløsninger for marine- og offshoremarkeder

Westcon Power & Automation (WPA), in collaboration with third-party suppliers, installs battery systems for marine and offshore markets, but also as a part of reconstruction. The battery solutions are adjusted to the projects by studying the vessels fuel usage and different scenarios carefully. The power supply between the batteries and the vessel are completed via “active front end”, IGBT controlled DC/AC or DC/DC.

Regular applications:

  • Hybrid propulsion systems
  • Backup power
  • Peak-Shave
  • Electrical propulsion systems


  • Reduces operational expenses with lower fuel usage
  • Less backup generators running
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced emissions: PM, CO, NOx, CO2
  • Faster dynamic response
  • Increased redundancy

Projects and development


Westcon has since 2015 taken part in the development of the next generation of bottom seismic nodes. The Norwegian company InApril has run the development of the bottom seismic nodes where they have put a focus on data treatment and operational logistics.  With these solutions bottom seismic tools are taken one step further and can yield large savings for seismic companies across the world.

Westcon owns approximately 18 percent of the company.

Norse Oiltools

The Norwegian company Norse Oiltools develops equipment for collecting steel shavings and swarf during down-hole drilling operations. The solutions also work when performing directional drilling operations and saves the operators and platform for well clean-up runs after drilling operations.

The solution is developed in cooperation with Equinor, Iris, the Research Council in Norway and Innovation Norway. Westcon acquired shares in the company in 2019 and now owns 34 percent.

Read more about Norse Oiltools here.

Olvondo Technology

Olvondo tech machine

The HighLift renewable energy technology is developed in Norway, originally initiated from Stirling based R&D initiatives in the mid 2000s. Olvondo Technology was established in 2016 as Olvondo Industries AS, LOS Gruppen AS and Taide AS acquired the assets and operation of former Single-Phase Power. The ownership has later been structured into LOS Gruppen and Westcon originated on the west coast of Norway.

With more than 50.000 operational hours from commercial services HighLift is unique as the world’s first industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pump, VHTHP, based on a reverse Stirling process. Olvondo Technology and its owners are actively pursuing opportunities within renewable energy as part of their strategies. They all share a common interest in becoming manufacturers of Green Shift technologies.

Read more about Olvondo Technology.

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