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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) is an integral part of Westcon's culture. Our goal is always to fulfil our obligations to society, our customers, suppliers and employees.

We shall run our company in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as good business practice. We must show respect for people, employees and their rights, and establish good procedures and standards within our HSE work. Westcon supports and recognizes the fundamental principles of human and labor rights described in the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and the International Labor Organization's (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Labor Rights. 

Our operations support the international standards for:

  • Social responsibility
  • Human rights and labour standards
  • Health and safety
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Local development
  • Anti-corruption

Westcon has fundamental respect for all individuals and does not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, origin, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, disability, age or political views.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

Our standard for business ethics, integrity and transparency is further described in Westcon's Code of Conduct for suppliers here:

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The Transparency Act

Westcon is committed to ensuring basic human rights and decent working conditions throughout our value chain, including all our suppliers and business partners.

All our suppliers are reviewed via our "Supplier Management System". This includes assessment of suppliers' work with, and guidelines for social rights. Furthermore, our suppliers commit to follow our «Code of Conduct for suppliers». The guidelines highlight human rights and decent working conditions. In addition, we continuously work to identify and assess any potential adverse impact on such rights from our supply chain and to implement appropriate measures to mitigate such adverse impacts.

In line with the aim of promoting greater transparency about risks to human rights and decent working conditions, Westcon has compiled a report on due diligence assessments. Read it here (Norwegian document only):
Redegjørelse om våre aktsomhetsvurderinger

Whistleblowing Service

Westcon strives to maintain an open business culture, with high ethical standards. We value safety and respect for everyone affected by our company. You have an important role in our success.

Whistleblowing provides the opportunity to report suspected misconduct, anything that is not in line with our values, ethical guidelines, procedures, policies, laws and regulations. The Whistleblowing process is an early warning system that reduces risk. Read more about this here:
Westcon Whistleblowing policy


Westcon wants to operate in such a way that our efforts can contribute to creating a sustainable future for our customers, our employees and for the society we are part of, by handling the environmental impacts of our activities in a responsible manner.

We shall work for a sustainable practice in all our processes and working methods. It is important that our operations do not come at the expense of people, society or the environment.

Westcon has established a sustainability policy. Read more about it here:
Westcon Sustainability Policy

We have chosen four focus areas for our sustainability work

Through our work, we will also contribute to the UN's sustainability goals. All the goals are important, but we will focus our work where we can make a difference.

Goals 3, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14 are particularly important to us. It is in these areas that we can have the greatest influence. However, there are also areas where we can have a positive influence, such as 4, 11 and 17.

Safe workplaces

Safety and a safe workplace are essential for us who work at Westcon. We will continue to work on developing an even safer workplace for all our employees.

Sustainable production

We will work for sustainable production, where we focus on working methods, material use and our processes.

Develop people and competence

We will continue to develop our employees in areas where we are already good, but we will also build expertise where we see a need now and in the future.

Westcon shall invest in people, because it is the competence of our employees that gives us the right to life.

Local communities and long-term value creation

We will be here in 100 years. This means that we must continue to develop the company and our operations, so that we can continue to create value for ourselves and the society we are a part of.

GHG report

Westcon has prepared a GHG report. Read more about it here:
GHG Report 2022 - Westcon Yards AS

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