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Our Whistleblowing policy

Our Whistleblowing policy

Westcon strives to maintain an open business culture, with high ethical standards. We value safety and respect for everyone affected by our company. You have an important role in our success.

How do you report?

Employees in Westcon usually report issues openly to their department manager, safety representative or by using the QHSE reporting system. We encourage an environment that allows open discussion and reporting of irregularities or wrongdoing. If it is not possible to report the situation openly to the line organisation, or if a notification is ignored, Westcon's Whistleblowing process can be used.

Whistleblowing process

Whistleblowing is made using the e-mail address whistleblowing@westcon.no. This email is received by the CEO of Westcon Group. The CEO is the only person who has access to this email account. The CEO can also be contacted in other ways if the whistleblower prefers (e.g. by sending an anonymous letter by post to "Westcon Group AS, Jektevikvegen 45, 5582 Ølensvåg, Attn: CEO")

Principles of Whistleblowing

People who report irregularities or wrongdoing will have their identity protected throughout the process and beyond. All notifications will be dealt with fairlyand correctly. Westcon will investigate all actual or suspected violations, and violations related to our Code of Conduct, corruption, human rights violations and other compliance incidents or other types of unethical or illegal actions.The whistleblower will receive information about the investigation to the extent that it has been requested and is considered appropriate.


Reports made in accordance with this policy will be treated confidentially. Only people participating in the investigation will be informed of the notice. During further investigation, however, it may become clear to other personnel who the whistleblower is. If it is likely that the identity will become known, the whistleblower will be notified first.

Westcon – management's commitment

The management of Westcon acknowledges that notification is positive for the company. It helps compliance, reduces errors, and can prevent harmful events from occurring. We will protect our personnel's right to report.

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