RWH systems on three Maersk Drilling rigs upgraded by Westcon Yards

Westcon Yards

Westcon Yards Offshore Service has recently completed the upgrade of the Raw Water Handling Systems for Maersk Integrator, Maersk Intrepid and Maersk Interceptor.

The main objective of the project was increasing the overall safety and efficiency of the RWH systems on the three rigs, by modifying existing structures, installing new platforms, installing new dedicated lifting equipment, such as JDN air hoists, and eliminating all snagging points of the RWH system.

Great teamwork

Project Manager, Daniel Czyrkun, says that good teamwork is crucial in complex projects like this:

- We have completed an upgrade of the RWH system on three Maersk Drilling rigs. In addition to 60 tons of new steel structures installed offshore a JDN air hoist was delivered, as a part of a “Handling Package” shared between and according to XLE rig demands.

Czyrkun explains that, while taking under consideration the complexity and duration of the project, there have been some challenges on the way, but in cooperation with Maersk Drilling and rig personnel all challenges have been successfully overcome.

- We were working as a team, which is a big part of our success.

Over 54 000 hours

The project has given the Offshore department plenty of work since its initiation. Since the project’s start in December 2020, the Offshore team has dedicated over 54 000 hours and upgraded a total of nine jack case structures on the three rigs.

The work was conducted both onshore and offshore, with prefabrication of 60 tons in steel structures, as well as installing new access platforms on the rigs for the installation of the new JDN air hoists.

After the installation was completed on the first rig, there were, according to Maersk Drilling, a few good lessons to be learned which improved the schedule for the installation on the next two rigs. There has been a significant amount of changes to the installation schedule which have been handled in good cooperation with Westcon.


Daniel Czyrkun

Project Manager, Offshore service


Phone: +47 53 77 56 46

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