Total control under water – all the way down to 150 meters

Westcon Yards

Anders Gundersen is a Drone pilot and has for the last two years travelled around to customers to perform inspections under water – all the way down to 150 meters.


Underwater drones are very applicable tools and can make a big difference for those who would like to know what’s going on under the surface.


-      Everything from controls, recordings and pictures. Whatever the customer needs and wants to see under water, Anders tells us.


The drone has a camera that can tilt up and down and has a capacity of 150 meters depth with 4 hours diving time. Even live streaming is possible.


-      With this drone we can livestream to the entire world if that’s what’s needed. And, of course, we can do recordings and take pictures which the customer can use as they wish – for example as references or for reports.



There will always be a need for general search and controls of hull, equipment and constructions under water, and with this service the customer receives an efficient and cost-saving inspection.

Even long distances are no problem – which results in a lot of traveling for Anders and his team;

-      We go where the customer needs us, so we’re pretty flexible.


The underwater drone was upgraded to the latest edition last fall and has received a new camera and a new light, which means the customers are getting even better and clearer sight for their sub-surface inspections.



Anders Gundersen, Drone pilot

Mob.: +47 465 13 821

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