WCL Rental: a rental service built over time, with the customer

Westcon Lifting Technique

How did WCL Rental become what it is today? We had a chat with Harald Våga about the history and development of their rental service

We are shown around in Westcon Lifting Techniques production hall, where they maintain, make repairs and store most of their equipment and products.

Harald Våga, who has been involved since the start in 1998, is giving us a tour of their massive facility, and is showing us just a few of the many different types of equipment they have in their rental pool.

Harald Våga, Westcon Lifting Technique

Over 20 years of constant development

“For over 20 years, we have built a rental pool of lifting equipment, which includes clamps, hoists, air hoists, winches, and, our latest addition, movable cranes – which you can use to get into tight spaces. Additionally, we have load cells, waterbags and a relatively large truck park.”

WCL Rental didn’t appear out of nowhere – Våga explains that it’s all thanks to continuous development and communication with their customers, and by working closely with the different industries they deliver to, that their rental service is what it is today.

“We have worked closely with the shipping, oil and gas, and energy industries. So when our customers need equipment, they talk to us and we deliver.”

An important aspect of a solid rental service is to be able to deliver quickly to their customers – both small and big;

“We always have every piece of equipment ready for delivery, so that our customers can get it delivered quickly.”


Renowned Suppliers


Beneficial agreements with suppliers is an advantage for both WCL and the customers who use their rental service – better suppliers equals quality equipment for customers;

“We have a large selection of J.D. Neuhaus air hoists in our rental pool, which we are also the sole distributor for in Norway. This is a hoist which has almost no external parts and therefore rarely needs repairs. Most of it is inside the hoist, so there’s not much that can be damaged.

It’s also the market’s most silent hoist.”

A rental service for the good of the customers

“This is a typical example of a customer coming to us with a challenge which we solve together – this way we always get it right, every time.”


Harald explains that WCL Rental is a department that never stands still.

Their product range is in constant development in order for them to be able to offer the best and most modern equipment in the market today, so they can offer the best solutions to their customers.

“We made a choice concerning winches, to only offer electric winches in our rental pool. Simply because you get much more precision when you operate them, they are quieter and you always know exactly how much weight you’re pulling.”

This also applies for other types of equipment, that WCL’s customers are demanding more and more of;

“Our latest addition to our rental pool are movable cranes, which you can use in smaller spaces. Places where you don’t have enough room to use big, heavy equipment – with this you can disassemble and reassemble inside the tight space.

This is a typical example of how our customers come to us with a challenge, which we solve together – this way we always get it right, every time.”


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