Westcon Karmsund Started new Extensive Project

Westcon Yards

Commisioned by shipping company BR. Birkeland and Fitjar Mechanical Workshop (FMV), Westcon Yards Karmsund has started an 8-week project on the snow crab boat MS Vima.

MS Vima is to be upgraded to DNV ice class for crab fishing in the north. This must be done by laying steel along the waterline (the ice belt). Both the bow and bulb will also be rebuilt.

Westcon will carry out all external dock-related work, as well as assist with internal work as the external work is completed. A general classification will also be carried out on board.

The external work will consist of:

- Lay doubler plates (15 to 25 mm) on the hull at a height of three meters along the waterline. A total of 80 tonnes will be welded on with over 2500 meters of welding.

- Repair and rebuild bulb and bow. 100mm plate of 10 tonnes will be incorporated to act as a knife through the ice.

- Installation of lift rails on the forward side for the ice plough. The ice plough is going to be used to push out the ice to be able to lay out crab traps from the back of the boat.

- Sandblast and paint the “ice belt” with ice-grade paint and bottom coating.

The project will provide great work for the employees in the various specialist departments at Karmsund. Here, Westcon will be able to utilize the strengths and flexibility of the company, together with their usual subcontractors.

The boat is expected to lie in dock at Karmsund for 8 weeks and will then be towed to FMV for completion.

 It is a challenging but exciting project, with a short completion time and advanced steel engineering work.

 Project Manager, Astor Torgersen comments;

 - I am very proud of the work we have done so far in this project. FMV has given us a big challenge, at short notice, and it is always exciting to get down to solving these types of projects. It has been a pleasure for us to receive positive feedback from cooperating shipyards and shipping companies. The work had gone well so far, in terms of scope of work, duration and quality.

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