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Aerial view of Westcon Yards facility

The yard in Ølen is Westcon’s main base for ships repairs, possessing optimal facilities. Here we have two floating docks, cranes, and ample quays. In addition we have machining halls, tool storage, project management and everything needed to tackle large and small contracts in ships repairs and modifications. The yard is an approved ISPS port.

Warehouses and workshops:
Multipurpose hall: 5000 m2
Recycling facility: 4000 m2
Crane capacity: 5-2×80 t

Floating dock 1 – 1300 t lifting capacity:
Max. vessel length: 76 m
Max. vessel width: 13,25 m
Max. ship’s depth/draft: 6 m
Max. crane capacity: 1 x 10t

Floating dock 2 – 7600 t lifting capacity:
Max. vessel length: 150 m
Max. vessel width: 26,5 m
Max. skip’s depth/draft: 6,8 m
Max. crane capacity: 2 x 10 t
Thruster shaft: L 7 m | W 4 m | D 2,7 m

Total quay length:
Quay 1: L32m | D21m | crane 40t
Quay 2: L36m | D21m | crane 160t  
Quay 3: L32m | D21m | crane 160t
Quay 4: Internal use
Quay 5: L42m | D8m
Quay 6: L42m | D8m | crane 24t
Quay 7: L56m | D8m | crane 40t

Capacity: 3 semi-submersibles
Quay depth: 21 metres
Sand dunes for jack-up rigs

Crane capacity:
‍1 quay crane: 40 t / 26 m | 5 t / 46 m
2 quay cranes: 160 t / 9 m | 20 t / 85 m

Accommodation and canteen:
Accommodation: 512 rooms
Canteen: 2500 people/day


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Aerial view of Westcon Florø facilities

Westcon Yards in Florø is a well-established yard with a long history. We carry out repairs and maintenance of ships and rigs, as well as new builds of offshore and specialised vessels. The yard is an approved ISPS port.

We have a skilled and experienced workforce who covers every discipline. We have large halls and an ideal location on the coastline, and our focus areas also include building subsea and offshore steel constructions. We strive to deliver high quality services within the agreed time frame and budget.

Covered dry dock:

Total length of dock: 200 m

Length of roof: 203 m

Length of dock under cover: 141 m

Length of prefabrication area: 62 m

Width: 40 m

Height dock pillows: 2 m

Max. draft for docking: 7 m

2 wells for Azimuth/thrusters

L6m x W10m x D3m and L6m x W6m x D3m


Outfitting quay north: L = 80 m, depth = 13 m, 125 m long including pier

Possibility to moor vessels up to 250m in size

Outfitting quay east: L = 170 m, depth = 5-8 m

ISPS port (on/off)

Crane capacity:

Indoor overhead cranes in dry dock: 2 x 220 t, 2 x 10 t

Total lifting capacity: 440 t

Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 182 t North quay/dock entrance

Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 150 t North quay/dock entrance

Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 60 t North quay

Outdoor swing/portal crane: 1 x 44 t East quay

Outdoor swing/portal crane: 160 t / 9 m, 20 t / 85 m

Workshop halls/warehouses:

Section hall: 5105 m2

Outfitting hall: 1458 m2

Prefabrication hall for piping: 1500 m2

Machine workshop: 465 m2

Central warehouse: 1050 m2

Indoor warehouse: 2349 m2


I tilegg til dette er vi Achilles sertifisert:


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Aerial view of Westcon Karmsund facilities

The department is located at Kolstøneset on Karmøy and offers large dry docks and mechanical workshops. Westcon Karmsund carries out service and maintenance on vessels up to 20 000 dwt.

The dry dock is the main attraction, and services andrepairs can be carried out on fishing vessels and offshore vessels from Norway, the Shetland Islands, The Faroe Islands and Scotland. The mechanical workshopcan carry out repairs, and fabricate new machine components for the ships indock.

Dry dock specifications:

Max. vessel length: 120 m

Max. vessel width: 30 m

Max. vessel draft /depth: 8,1 m

Can take vessels up to 20 000 dwt

Equipment for shaft pulling and rudder dismantling

2 Azimuth shafts

Hydraulic side supports

Dock crane: 20 t


Plating and welding hall

Piping workshop with crane: 20 t

Separate mechanical workshop with crane: 20 t

Quay crane: 40 t


Plating and welding hall

Piping workshop with crane: 20 t

Separate mechanical workshop with crane: 20 t

Quay crane: 40 t


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Aerial view of Westcon Helgeland facilities

Westcon Helgeland was established in 1987, and the yard comprises two  large dry docks, - one covered, extensive fabrication halls, and a proper deep-water quay.

Westcon Helgeland has, among other things, delivered underwater constructions for Aker and Aibel, and is presently working to become prequalified for other interested customers. Westcon Helgeland delivers tailor-made products in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, according to the customer’s drawings and specifications. We take care of ship repairs, fabrication of ship modules and subsea equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as fabrication and maintenance work for the fish farming industry.

Covered dry dock:

Max. vessel length: 97 m

Max. vessel width: 25,5 m

Max. vessel draft: 7 m

Max. crane capacity: 100t

Azimuth shaft

Land connection: 400V/230V-400A

Dry dock nr. 2:

Max. vessel length: 120 m

Max. vessel width: 28 m

Max. vessel draft: 9 m

Max. mobile crane capacity: 9 m

Azimuth shaft

Subsea Hall - new in 2023:

2400 m2

Crane capacity: 160 t

Painting Hall - new in 2023:

840 m2

Boat lift

Model BL420TL90RC

Lifting capacity: 460t

Boat length: 50 m

Boat width: 15 m

Workshop and warehouse:

Indoor workshop: 2300 m2

Outdoor storage 20 000 m2

Indoor warehouse: 500 m2

Mechanical and piping workshop 400 m2

Lifting capacity at production hall: 2x80 t | 2x10 t |1x25 t |1x10 t

Accommodation and canteen:

46 rom

Canteen: 80 people


Length: 60 m

Draft: 50 m

Bollards: 4x300 t

Max. mobile crane capacity: 250 t

Fresh water connection

Shore Power connection: 400V/230V



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