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In its area, Westcon 3D is one of the central players in the oil and gas sector, as well as the rest of the maritime field.


3D collects and visualises survey data in a new and effective manner.

We use 3D laser scanners (and total stations/TSTs) to carry out exact industrial surveys  – with accuracy as fine as 1-2mm. This is the most efficient and exact method for collecting survey data. The amassed data has very many areas of use, and with the help of WLP they are extremely visual. We carry out surveys and data collection for all types of offshore and onshore installations in all parts of the world.

WLP (Westcon Laser Portal) is our self-created software that combines measurement data in a new and user-friendly way.

Instead of measuring constructions manually, which is both time-consuming and inaccurate, laser scanning does the job in a fraction of the time, and more precisely. This allows us to be more flexible with regard to constructions, and there is a much smaller margin for potential errors.

Scanning enables the creation of a digital environment, something that permits the possibility of taking a new measurement in the scanned area/object at any time. This can be used in a variety of different areas, and some of the most common areas of use are in combination with dimensional control. This means that components are correctly and accurately prefabricated, so that they are ready to be sent offshore.

By using laser scanning, you can quickly and accurately recreate GI drawings with millimetre precision.

Our competency is based on lengthy experience, and has been further developed by our experienced specialists in our Trondheim, Haugesund, and Stavanger offices.


  • 3D Laser scanning
  • Dimensional control
  • Volume calculations
  • Grid establishment on offshore installations, vessels, and land-based constructions
  • Creating and processing tags
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Aerial surveying photogrammetry
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Programming data processing and visualisation

  • 3D-models, visualisation, animation, printouts
  • Simulation
  • CAD-design
  • Analysis and solutions of clash conflicts
  • Reverse engineering
  • As-built documentation

Administration programming and development

  • Linking WLP with other systems, for example Maintenance database
  • Project planning
  • Installation studies
  • Software development
  • Software maintenance
  • CAD system administration
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We make e-learning and e-courses (Internet based training) more realistic and efficient.

In using scanning and photography of the training object and the surroundings, our customers gain access to a training environment that is often so accurate that it can replace actual courses. From here, the interactive training courses are developed. Several of our employees have lengthy experience in e-learning.

Westcon Laser Portal – WLP

Westcon Laser Portal (WLP) is a proprietary web portal that visualizes data obtained from 3D laser scanner.

The whole object is visualised as photo-realistic panorama images using a standard browser, or mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.

The user may zoom, pan out, comment, and highlight directly on the image. It is also possible to measure distances and obtain coordinates to an accuracy of about 2-3mm. The measurements can be uploaded and shared online, and WLP can also divide up the measured distances into X,Y, and Z coordinates.

WLP Possibilites:

  • See 3D laser scans directly in a browser or on a mobile device
  • Accurate 3D as-built-models
  • Full colour photorealistic images
  • Mark and comment areas and objects
  • Measure coordinates and distances with millimetre precision
  • Easy to share information with colleagues
  • Possibility of importing Cad models
  • Ensure quality of design changes
  • Prevent clashes (clash control)
  • Save time and costs
  • All-in-one user friendly and self-explanatory interface

Cultural heritage sites

Cultural heritage sites, archaeology, and much more.

Our solutions for documentation and visualisation provide a unique tool for presenting historical buildings. In this example, www.olavskirken.no, we worked in a multidisciplinary team with theological and church administrator experts, cultural and historical mediators, researchers (archaeologists), tourism and destination developers, and designers. You can best appreciate the unique opportunities this presents by visiting www.olavskirken.no.

The advantages of such documentation and presentation are multifaceted.

In connection with Westcon’s work with Avaldsnes Church (Olavskirken), we have made a so-called point cloud animation, which you can find here.  No video camera has been used to make this film, only point clouds from the laser scanner.  Here you “fly” through about 3 billion laser points from roughly 70 different positions outside and inside the church. HDR photography (still photography) is used to colour in all the points.


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