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Westcon Group
Westcon Yards

Westcon Group gives safety top priority. In other words, no operation comes before safety.

We are taking proactive steps to mitigate the risk of exposure of Covid-19 for our employees, customers, contractors and partners. As efforts to contain the virus continue to evolve, we are working hard to combat the issue by making sure our facilities are safe, according to the government's guidelines. For more information regarding our QA/HSE and protective measures, please contact us at westcon@westcon.no.

The company works proactively to prevent any kind of accident, injury to health, emissions to the environment, or damage to our own or other’s equipment.

Quality is an integral part of all of Westcon’s processes, products, and services. The Quality Assurance system is based on the requirements stipulated in NS-EN 9001:2008

  1. Westcon seeks to meet its obligations in a professional manner: Punctual, structural, orderly, genuinely interested, and with good quality on all products delivered.
  2. Personal development of our employees through defined courses and information, which gives each employee an understanding of his/hers responsibilities regarding quality and its consequences.
  3. Continuous improvement of processes, products, services and quality control systems.
  4. Improved work satisfaction for all employees.


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